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Spa in Medellín: beauty and wellness treatments

Recovering Ancient Techniques in Cosmetics and Well-being

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bano en bongo en medellin
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Our mission is to bring back ancestral techniques to cosmetics and well-being. We combine organic elements with modern procedures to generate well-being and health for our public, we want to build a place where people find tranquility.

We offer a wide variety of treatments such as Swedish, deep tissue, relaxation and sports massages. We also offer personalized facials, exfoliation, waxing and masks to improve the appearance and health of the skin.

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Improves circulation and decreases muscle tension. Relaxes muscles and tissues as well as releasing stress and mental fatigue.

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Allows oxygenation of the skin, removes dead cells and skin impurities, achieving soft, illuminated and smooth skin.

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Organic cocoa therapy helps activate circulation, providing rest and nourishing the skin. In addition, it reduces dryness and makes skin look brighter.

Tratamiento de hidratacion profunda en spa poblado medellin

Traps and retains moisture, building a natural protective barrier that prevents water loss, preventing aging, or skin expression lines.

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Helps reduce and mobilize fatty tissue in localized areas of the body, reducing measurements, improving cellulite, toning the skin, and shaping the figure.

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Hot baths with ancient plants help reduce inflammation, stress, and mental fatigue, improve circulation and relieve pain and muscle spasms, providing relief in the body and mind.

Depilacion con cera caliente medellin

Eliminates hair from the root, delaying growth and reducing its thickness. Leaving the skin soft and clean.

rejuvecimiento facial en medellin

Restoration and prevention of aging. Using nanotechnology and advanced masks achieving a natural lifting of the skin.


Swedish massage stretches the ligaments and tendons with medium pressure, keeping them flexible. Increases the flow of oxygen in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles.

servicio de reflexologia podal en Medellin

Activation of specific points that connect with the body's internal organs, releasing toxins, draining liquids, reducing inflammation, and detoxifying the body.

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An experience that connects us with ancestral sounds, transporting you to your inner self, improving emotions and resting mind and body.


Cranial massage is performed with different rubbing and micro-pressure maneuvers on the face and the skull's temporal, occipital, and frontal areas. It helps to improve headaches, dark circles, and bags under the eyes.

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Lift and tone your buttocks, reduce cellulite, and restore lost elasticity, all without the need for surgery.

tratamiento con masaje anticelulitico medellin

Helps reduce and mobilize fatty tissue in localized areas of the body, reducing measurements and inflammation, improving cellulite, toning the skin, and shaping the figure.

sesión de masaje ayurvédico Osana Spa

Restores the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic well-being of people. Recommended for people with some kind of imbalance in their doshas or when there is a feeling of fatigue, stress and accumulation of emotions.

Well-being, life and health

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Online booking

Our spa is an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the city. Visit us and enjoy our beauty and wellness services in a warm and welcoming environment.

The spa is located in the Poblado sector in Medellín, on the second floor of the Complex de Los Balsos. It is easily reachable by public transport and we offer free parking for our clients.

What safety measures do we take to ensure the health and safety of our customers?

We work hand in hand with the Secretary of Health, carrying out all the protocols and measures necessary to ensure the health of our clients. We also maintain hygiene in the spa, every time a client goes out and comes in there is an intensive cleaning of the spa. Osana Spa is characterized by working with prior appointments, and not serving so many people at the same time. Finally, our work staff is always well organized and healthy to provide health and hygiene to our customers.

What forms of payment does the Osana Spa accept?

We accept all means of payment, such as debit cards, credit cards, transfers and cash.

Is there parking available near Osana Spa?

We are located in a mall, There are free parking spaces available so that our clients can leave their vehicles safely,

Is there any type of age restriction to use the services of Osana Spa?

No, at Osana Spa we receive from the smallest to the most adult. We have received clients from the age of 3 onwards accompanied by their parents and relatives, since we sell family plans.

What kind of beauty products do you use at the spa?

The products used in Osana Spa are hypoallergenic and organic cosmetics. We work with several European, French and American cosmetic houses. Our products and technologies are of high quality to provide security and well-being to our customers.

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